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At La'lli, we use and sell salon-quality products that we truly believe are the best on the market (while still being affordable). We source products that have top ingredients and only those that we wholeheartedly trust and standby. 

Davines hair color uses a unique formula that features carotenoids and melanin derived from plants, which counteract free radicals and have antioxidant properties. Formulas are ammonia-free to ensure an odorless application. Davines products preserve hair thanks to its gentle formulas with emollient and moisturizing substances such as castor oil and carnauba wax. Metasilicate, which is part of the cream base, is a natural and biodegradable powder rich in silica. The overall end result is soft hair and intense, velvety colors.

Davines hair color products

The Gold Professional Haircare line is a luxury, Danish line which prides itself in meeting strict environmental standards. All ingredients come exclusively from renewable and sustainable sources. Environmentally friendly products guarantee beauty, strength and excellent protection of hair subject to dynamic change of trends. 


OLAPLEX has a patented bond-building technology which penetrates on a molecular level in all hair types. Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate - a single molecule, works in a unique way to quickly and effectively repair broken bonds and restore healthy hair. This active ingredient is included in every one of the Olaplex products, imparting them with reparative and protective characteristics.

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